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By: Rajdeep JLofan

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Tuesday, 15-Jun-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Photos from Beyonce and UMF!!!

Beyonce - Crazy In Love
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I've finally uploaded the pics from Beyonce's concert last November and also uploaded pics from The Prince's trust Urban Music Festival 2004 May in London.
The Urban Music Festival (UMF) - artists included the magnificant Jay-Z, Cassidy, Alicia Keys, ATL, Lemar, Dizzy Rascal, Mos Def, and more!!! and also pics of Trevor Nelson (from MTV BASE show . I did take an pic of Cassidy who song 'My Hotel' with R.Kelly (except Kelly wasn't there to perform) but I actually missed his shot on the big screen, damn!

note: pics may be grainy or blurry because I used disposable cameras for both concerts because I didn't know if you were allowed to take cameras and my digital camera is too precious and expensive! couldn't risk it

Monday, 9-Feb-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

My dog Rocky!
My dog again when he moved very quickly - kinda looks abit weird
sweety candy neclace
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It was goddamn freezing when I took these pics on saturday night 09/02/04, I mean literally freezing.
Some pictures I have edited because some were too dark so I added a bit of my artistic touch.
Later on I also took pic of the sweet candy necklace for Valentine's.
I'm gonna be using the candy necklace pics for my layout on my blog site that I haven't updated in a very very long time.

The layout will hopefully be done by saturday on my blogsite at: Simply Shimmers http://rajdeep.blogspot.com.

Thanks! for visiting! and I've also added my website links on the favourite page links on the left hand side.

Friday, 30-Jan-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Just bored taking pics outside

If the white van was out of the way it would look way way better
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As you can tell I'm not good at all taking pictures yet but I'm still learning with my digital camera.

Monday, 19-Jan-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My first boring photolog post!

Beyonce Hat
Beyonce Hat I wored during the perfomances
The Blingin' B necklace!
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Hello! I'm new here so I didn't know what to take pictures of. So I thought I might as well take pics of the merchandise from the concerts that I have been at. These are Mariah Carey - Charmbracelet Tour 2003 and Beyonce Knowles - Dangerously In Love Tour 2003.
The Mariah Carey concert on Oct 28th 03 is the actually the first concert I've been to and it was totally awesome! Mariah was beautiful, all the fans were hyped up it was one really amazing experiences in my life ever, I'll never forget it. I did take a disposable camera when I when to Mariah's concert before I got my Sony DSC-10 Cybershot digital camera but you weren't allowed cameras in the NEC Birmingham Arena which was quite crap but I still had a good time.
The 2nd time I went to the Birmingham NEC Arena was for the cool Beyonce concert on Nov 13th 03, it was quite good I mean Beyonce did amazing dance routines and I loved the red indian style costume she wored on beginning for Baby Boy and then that yellow dress and alot of freshness in the crowd. But I think Mariah Carey's concert was still kinda better than Beyonce's because Mariah's music you can feel and relate to and you could tell most fans I mean the REAL MC fans were really connected through the concert. And it's not only just that I changed my cousin's Sunny and my auntie's view on Mariah Carey as they didn't like her at first but their minds have completely changed. My aunty completely felt touched by Mariah's lyrics as her music is real and my cousin Sunny has become an huge fan of hers even bigger than me! Anyways you were allowed disposable camera at Beyonce's concert because they were selling some but I haven't had the photos developed yet but when I get them developed I'll post it here.
But both concerts were amazing! and I thought I shared you the merchandise that I got from each concert.
Don't ask how much I spent well my mum spent on buying the stuff for me because it was lots!


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